All About Me

They call me Cassidy.

22 and still figuring out life.
I believe in words and magic.
I believe words can be magic.
I believe in love, all kinds of love.
I believe in being good to people.
I believe in breakfast foods.
I believe in education.
I believe in inspiring students.
I believe in books of every kind.
I believe in second chances, for myself and others.
I believe we’re all still learning, and that’s okay.
I believe in me–and you.

This blog is going to be organized chaos:
a small look into the most important aspects of my life.


While you’re here, you’ll find…
Books: my book shelf, my current reads, my recommendations, my reviews.
Recipes: my kitchen, my love for baked goods, my attempts at learning how to cook, my wannabe vegan adventures.
Classrooms: my 6th grade ELA classroom, my failures & successes as a new teacher, my lesson plans, my pursuit to inspire students.
Words: my thoughts, my values, my struggles & accomplishments, my view of the world.
Life: my journey through life at 22, my hopes as you follow me on this adventure, my attempt to discover myself and motivate others in the process.

…not to mention: plenty of pep talks and inspirational speeches, witty comments and sassy remarks, potential chapters of my future memoirs, nerd girl thoughts and awkward moments, stories from my world and narratives from my head, and anything else I might feel the need to add.